Friday, July 5, 2013

Three Tips for a Beautiful Wood Fence

When you are putting in a new fence, consider the time-honored tradition of that white picket fence. That is the American dream you know, owning a home with a white picket fence. Now, whether your actual dream is specifically a white picket fence, or you would rather have a beautifully stained, solidly constructed wood fence, your area Charlotte fence builders can accommodate your every wish. Wood fences have been around for hundreds of years. They are used to corral the horses, keep pesky deer out of the crops, and keep wandering children inside the yard. They are a beautiful addition to any space. Keep in mind these three tips to ensure your wood fence is built and stays beautiful. 

Design and Construction 

By having a solid, well thought out design you can achieve the look you would like. You can choose from a six foot privacy fence, a good neighbor design (the boards are laid in an AB pattern with A boards facing your yard and B boards facing your neighbor's yard), a split post rail, a gothic picket, or many other designs, each providing a unique statement and architectural features. It is also extremely important to construct the fence with high-quality standards and materials. By using high-quality materials and solid workmanship your fence will stand the test of time, wind, and stormy weather. 

Wood Treatment 

The best way to keep your new fence looking nice and new is to treat the wood properly. You can paint or stain your fence to the color you desire and as long as you inspect, paint, or stain your fence yearly you can maintain the beauty of your fence for many years to come. It is important to protect the wood from the elements. 


As stated previously, your Charlotte fence builders will help you understand the importance of a yearly inspection of your fence. You should look for any loose nails or boards to fix, check the boards and posts for any insects who might want to call your fence home, and spray an insecticide on your fence if this proves to be a problem. If you follow these three tips you will have a beautiful, long lasting fence.

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