Friday, June 28, 2013

Three Questions to Ask When Purchasing Pre-Owned Cars

Not everyone can afford a brand new car every time they find themselves in need of a new vehicle. In fact, the majority of drivers in the United States choose to purchase previously owned vehicles.

However, finding yourself in the market for pre-owned cars in Oklahoma City can be a scary position if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re a first-time car buyer, check out these three questions you should ask every used car dealer when considering a purchase.

1. Is the Car Mechanic Certified?

The number one reason people are wary of buying previously owned vehicles is mechanical problems. Therefore, it’s imperative to know whether or not a car is certified by a mechanic. If it is, the dealer will be able to show you records of the car’s pre-certification inspection. This paperwork will tell you about the car’s previous issues and its overall current shape.

Another certification to consider is manufacturer certification. This ensures the car is backed by the manufacturer, no matter how old the make is.

2. Who Owned the Car Previously?

The second thing you’ll want to know, beyond the car’s basic statistics, is its history. Ask the dealer who owned the car before you, and what kind of a lifestyle they lived. This tells you how much wear and tear to expect on the car.

If you want, you can talk to the previous owner yourself. Every pre-owned vehicle dealer is required to provide the previous owner’s name and address. The owner’s maintenance records should be on file as well. This allows you even greater access to the car’s history.

3. How Long Can I Test Drive the Car?

Perhaps the only way you’ll really know if a car is right for you is to test drive it. Most dealerships allow for the test drive these days, but many actually allow you to take extended or overnight test drives as well. These give you an even better idea of how the car works.

If you do take an overnight test drive, be sure to care for the car and fill up the gas tank before dropping it off.

Finding Quality Pre-Owned Car Dealers

When browsing pre-owned cars in Oklahoma City, it’s easy to become discouraged about finding any reliable sellers. That’s why it’s important to investigate used car dealers before setting out to find your new vehicle.

To make sure you’re doing business with an honorable dealership, look up reviews online and even try contacting previous customers to ask questions about their experience. This will help you gauge reliability and honesty as you shop for a previously owned vehicle.

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