Friday, June 28, 2013

How Smartphone Apps Are Improving Taxi Service

Taxi cabs have been around for hundreds of years, and existed well before automobiles, but their purpose has always been the same: to conveniently get people where they need to go. Unfortunately, catching a Columbus cab hasn’t always been as convenient as some might like, but times are changing. Smartphones and their apps have changed the way we communicate, entertain ourselves, and do business, so it should be no surprise that apps are available that improve taxi services.


By using an app on your smartphone, you can book yourself a taxi. If you’re in downtown Manhattan there may be plenty of available taxis to wave down, but in less busy locations you’re going to have to call a taxi to you. Instead, you can use the app to book a taxi for a certain time and at a certain place, without having to dial a number, so you can get wherever you’re going with minimal hassle.


Once you’ve called or booked a taxi, you use a smartphone app to track the location of the taxi. Thanks to GPS, you can have a map that shows where your taxi is and how long it will take to arrive. This means you can always have a solid idea of how long you’ll have to wait, so you won’t head out to early and end up stuck standing in the rain.


When you use a smartphone app to book a taxi, you can also pay your fare using the same app. Most people don’t carry much cash anymore, and instead carry credit or debit cards, but the next step is moving from cards to phones. By using your phone as a payment method, you can keep better track of how much money you have available in all your accounts and cards and save space in your wallet.

Not-so-Smart Phones

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can call for a Columbus cab without actually placing a phone call. As long as your phone is capable of sending text messages, you can send a message with your address to a taxi cab company, and a cab should arrive shortly. Thanks to mobile technology and apps, it’s never been more convenient to get a cab.

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