Thursday, November 8, 2012

Detailing Business

One of my husband's clients is auto detailing company. Aside from simply washing cars, they also do interior, exterior and even engine wash. Other services include car maintenance and car accessorizing. Through the years, they've expanded their business. Aside from franchising, they have developed their own brand of cleaning solutions and fresheners. The expansion serves all their outlets and other independent car cleaners.

The company is now a Wholesale Car Wash Supplier.  Aside from the Wholesale car wash accessories that they sell, they are also the local leading Paper air fresheners supplier. The expansion has allowed the company to grow. The detailing business is a lucrative one. More and more people are taking care of their cars. Whether they go to detailing shops or do the washing themselves, the car care business is a profitable one.  Shops sell all kinds of cleaning solutions. They even sell shampoos and leather conditioners.

My husband spends quite a considerable amount for car care products. He spends hours cleaning and waxing our cars. He even cleans the engine himself. He has a cleaner for just about every part of a car. I am very sure that many are like him. They love to see their cars shiny and clean. The car wash business has its niche in the market. It's and industry that will surely never fail.

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