Thursday, April 24, 2014

Motor Racing: How-to-Guide for Any Novice Wanting to Get Involved

Have you always had a passion for motor racing and finally just thought: “that’s it, I want to get involved”? Awesome! Here’s a quick how-to-guide to get you started.

Become a racing driver

So you want to cut to the chase and become an all-out racing car driver? There are several ways you can go about this, including:

Trial days and events

Do you want to know what it feels like to actually race a car? The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) and its affiliated car clubs host ‘Come and Try’ days, which are specifically aimed to get people involved in motorsports regardless of age or skill level and in a safe environment. These days are held around the country all through the year and will give you opportunities to try different motor sport disciplines including motorkhana, khanacross, hillclimbs, autocross, super sprints and drifting.


So you’ve done a trial race day and you want to go to the next level. Get in touch with a motor sport or racing driver school and book in a lesson or two. Your instructor will be able to determine your level of ability and suggest the most suitable training for you. These schools will also be able to offer you guidance on how to develop a career in motorsports.


If you’re really serious about becoming a racing driver, make sure you fully understand what you are about to undertake and work out which is the best approach for you. A great way to do this is to get hold of one of the many autobiographies or biographies of your favourite motor racing heroes. These real-life accounts can be a great source of information on getting started and succeeding in motor sports.

Vehicle preparation

It kind of goes without saying that you’ll need a car to race! If you have one already and just need to get it race savvy, you’ll need a crew behind you who are specialist with race experience, for example .

Join a motor sport club

If you’re looking for a less hand-on but more social way to get involved in motorsports, then joining a car or motorcycle club is the way to go. You can join general motor sport clubs or car/vehicle specific clubs. Clubs will help to you get the necessary licenses you’ll need to race and can assist you getting started in motor sport.

Volunteer at motor sport events

Australia hosts some of the world’s premier motor sport events every year. For race information, check out If you’re looking for some adrenaline pumping action without actually being in a race car, try the next-best-thing; work at a race event. You’ll get to see all the heart-pounding action, but from the safety of being off the track as opposed to on it. Motor sports offer some of the most thrilling and nail-biting action in the sporting world. They take competitive spirit and supercharge it with high octane to get everyone’s adrenaline pumping. However if you’re sick of being a spectator and literally want to get in the driver’s seat, there are plenty of ways to kick-start your career in motor sports; you just need to map out your first steps from the list above.

Friday, March 14, 2014

What Are the Benefits of In-House Financing?

Buying a new vehicle can be fun and exciting, but there is often one part that you may be dreading. That part is the financing process. Just as with many new and exciting things, you must purchase a new vehicle before it can be called yours. This can involve a number of scary terms, such as financing rates, pre-approvals, credit checks, and final monthly payments. A large part of the financing process involves deciding whether to finance through the dealer or through a separate financial institution. Here are some benefits of choosing to finance through a dealership such as

One Stop Shopping

Financing through a dealership is also commonly referred to as “in-house financing.” This name also presents one of the benefits of financing through a dealership: the whole car-buying process is completed at one location, often in one trip. Instead of you taking the time to shop around at different banks and credit unions looking for a loan provider, the car dealership works with their own lenders to obtain a loan for you. As a result, you usually only need to provide your social security number, date of birth, and address, and then the dealer does the rest, submitting your information to their lenders and completing the necessary negotiations to get you a loan. Because they generally work with a variety of lenders, a dealership may be able to better work with those who have little to no credit as well.

Extended Hours

Another benefit would be the available hours a dealer’s finance department usually has. Unlike a bank that is generally open from nine to five on weekdays, a dealership’s finance department will usually be open the same hours of the dealership. This means that they may be open evenings and even weekends, which can be an added convenience for those who have to work during traditional bank hours.

Online Services

In addition to the convenience of the financing department being within the dealership and their extended hours, many dealerships will offer helpful applications on their websites. Some dealership websites, such as, may have applications for such things as loan pre-approval, payment calculators, and quick quotes. As a result, you can have a better idea of what you can and cannot afford without even leaving your home.

Heal a Cold Sore for Less

After a stressful week, you wake up to the telltale tingling of a cold sore. An Rx proven to work faster than some OTC remedies: honey. Just dab the sweet stuff on the blister a few times a day until it disappears. Honey's antiviral compounds will kill the virus that causes the sore.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My New Baby

If my son thinks he's got the best guitar in the house, he has anothing thing coming. My new ibanez 7 string guitar just arrived today. I had to rush home to break it in. He's still in school and wouldn't be home till the weekend. I can't wait to see his face when he sees it on the stand. He would surely drool over it.

Green And Go

We're finalizing the preparations for the Asian intercity Bowling Championships. Everyone is finishing on their assigned tasks. We hope to give the delegates a memorable experience. Even the communities are pitching in. I hope we've done our best. This will be the first time we'll be hosting the event. I hope there will be no more glitches.